How to select Jet Aerators for Aeration Tank

The things are going to be considered for Jet Aerator Selection for your application, Any water treatment plant, aeration tank/ basin is almost inline part of process and needs to handle perfect and trouble free operation as much as possible. this is primary role of environmental engineer.

The Principle of Jet Aerator, Aspiration + Large Amount Kinetic Energy, which is driven by the connected motor and mixed in venturi port,  primary jet and rapidly mixes with the incoming air in the outer jet and finally jet air delivers forcefully, Jet aerators or some time is called Venturi Jet Aerators

It is submerged under water it delivers fine bubbles which escape from the nozzle and bubbles flows in upward direction i.e toward surface of the liquid level.

Do you Know? Why Fine Bubble is better then Course Bubble?

Generally the volume of air here we are taking about in size of bubble diameter, suppose if bigger say 2 inch roughly , the bubble travel time is quickly reach to the upper surface of the liquid medium,

in other words we take into 1″ or 3/4″ dia of bubble the weight of air into the bubble is less, so it takes much higher time to reach the top surface of the water

Again you may rise the question!, so what?, bubble travel time suppose vary,

Good, the answer is, our intention as much as possible we should extract the oxygen from bubble contents air, if increase the travel time bottom to top maximum we get attain maximum Oxygen (O2)  transfer ratio.

Tips: if possible try to move the bubble in tangential direction that result is more better than normal straight direction.

jet aerators principle


Other kind transfer method from bottom to top surface normally if bubble size is bigger and straight  travel

The Application Purpose of Jet Aerators, to transfer oxygen (O2) which presence in the atmospheric air into Water, Wastewater or sludge.

By volume, dry air contains only 20.95% oxygen, but nitrogen 78.09% and balance are other gases

Selection of Jet aerator for your application

Firstly we should determine, how much air quantity is require to remove BOD and COD to your load?

Refer our earlier article: Aeration Tank Air Quantity Calculation

after you determined air volume for application tank, you can add up additionally 0.5 kg/cm2 pressure side (Head Side : 5 Meter)

and AIr volume side : Your determined air volume + add 10 %

Suppose if Your tank depth is 4 to 5 metre the Head of Blower should be : 0.7 to 1 to 1kg/cm2.

Now. every one is clear. drop your comments

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  1. Sir..Our effluent COD is 40000ppm and Flow rate is 30Kl/Hr..please suggest required treatment system and aeration tank &airblowers.we have 6nos of jet aerators.each one 35.5HP capacity (aerator 30 hp&blower 5.5hp) Aeration tank capacity is 4500Kl.

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