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What is Chlorine Disinfection?


Chlorine deactivates microorganisms through several mechanisms that can destroy most biological contaminants, including: Chlorine Formula

  • Damaging the cell wall 
  • Altering the permeability of the cell (the ability to pass water in and out through the cell wall) • Altering the cell protoplasm
  • Inhibiting the enzyme activity of the cell so it is unable to use its food to produce energy

Calculation of Chemical Oxygen Demand (C.O.D)

Calculation of Chemical Oxygen Demand (C.O.D)


Round bottom flask, water condenser, Burette, Pipette,Heating mantle.


* Mercuric sulphate (< 1gm)

* Sulfuric Acid (1 Kg H2SO4 + 5.5 gm Ag2SO4 ) dissolve for 24 hrs.

* 0.25 N Potassium Dichromate (12.259 gm K2Cr2O7 dried at [....]