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How to separate Filter backwash water sludge?

Normally, the filter backwash water sludge very tough to remove or separate that one, generally in many plants that will have design the back wash water pipe line laid into main effluent collection tank. But this is not a right method.

Instead of that, try this method, though which has bit of cost investment involve, this is only an perfect [....]

Natural plant Coagulants for Waste Water Treatment

Servyeco Group of Spain has newly developed Natural plant based Coagulants for waste water treatment, they took several test successfully using with different category plant’s waste water, they extracts the liquids from Acacia plant.

Is a natural cationic coagulant that is extracted from the bark of Acacia Negra (Acacia mearnsii) the product belongs to the family of the tannins [....]

7 Most commonly used Coagulants in Water Treatment

Coagulation is an primary process of any kind of water treatment plant, that process must be performed using with cost effective and commonly used coagulants.

General and 7 most commonly used coagulants in water treatment plant is under:

1.Alum (aluminum sulfate), Al2(SO4)3. Still, the most common coagulant in the United States, it is often [....]

Principle and Design of Spray Aerators

Principle and Design of Spray Aerators: The system consist more spray nozzles, which are connected in a pipe, similarly many set of pipes are well connected like square, circle and rectangle shaped form and those bunch of pipes finally links to common pipe manifold, that pipe grid located over an open-top tank

The water leaves each nozzle in a fine [....]

Most Important Factors of ETP Design | Selection

Are you going to construct new ETP for your existing industry or new industry, ensure this checklist, the following factors must be adhered while design the Efflent Treatment Plant

The Most Important Factors of ETP Design | Selection are

1. What national or international standards must you comply with?

2. What is your waste? What volume of effluent do you [....]

Try to use Glass Fused to Steel Tank for your ETP Application

Are you hearing Glass Fused to Steel (GFS) tank? Yes, many countries they are using for their application either it is Clear Water, Municipal or Effluent water storage application,

GFS is two material are fused together to improve its strength and flexibility of steel combined with the corrosion resistance of glass,which is applied both inner and outer surfaces further it [....]