Water Filtration

Hardness Removal by Crystalactor Try Yourself

“The Crystalator Technology recently used in many places to removal of Hardness” says one of the evaporator supplier of our industry. Then I took that matter very seriously and interest to get the more info actively about the Crytalactor.  

I don’t about the technology, recently while discussing about to minimize the hardness level of our Forced evaporator, which is using [....]

Principle of Vacuum filtration

In vacuum filters, the driving force for filtration results from the application of suction on the filtrate side of the medium. Although the theoretical pressure drop available for vacuum filtration is 100 kPa, =1 Kg/cm2 in practice it is often limited to 70 or 80 kPa or even less. principle

In applications where the fraction of fine particles in [....]

What is Water Filtration?

Water filtration is a physical process of separating suspended and colloidal particles from waste by passing the water through a granular material. The process of filtration involves straining, settling, and adsorption. As floc passes into the filter, the spaces between the filter grains become clogged, reducing this opening and increasing removal. Some material is removed merely because it settles on [....]