Water Plant Calculation

How to select Jet Aerators for Aeration Tank

The things are going to be considered for Jet Aerator Selection for your application, Any water treatment plant, aeration tank/ basin is almost inline part of process and needs to handle perfect and trouble free operation as much as possible. this is primary role of environmental engineer.

The Principle of Jet Aerator, Aspiration + Large Amount Kinetic Energy, which is [....]

How to Calculate Lime Dosage Requirement in Sedimentation Process

Lime dosage requirement is most important process in Sedimentation Process, to separate the solids from liquid by gravity. Sedimentation is the basic process, whether water and wastewater treatment,

In water treatment process, first remove Girt / fine fibers in presedimentation basin and follows coagulation–flocculation is most commonly used.

We find adequate /require amount of alkalinity (HCO3) first,which will help to [....]

How to Design Clarifier for Primary Treatment of Water Treatment Plant?

The Design of Clarifier mechanism is very important role in primary treatment of any water treatment plant.

The primary clarifier should remove both settleable organic and floatable solids (primary sedimentation or clarification) . Poor solids removal during this step of treatment may cause organic overloading of the biological treatment processes following primary treatment.

Normally, each primary clarification unit can be [....]

How to Remove BOD Using Mass Balance Method?

The amount of BOD removed by a treatment process is directly related to the quantity of solids the process will generate.

Key Note:

The actual amount of solids generated will vary with operational conditions and design, exact figures must be determined on a case-by-case basis;

however, research has produced general conversion rates for many of the common treatment processes. These [....]