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Weight of Water Related to the Weight of Air

The theoretical atmospheric pressure at sea level (14.7 psi) will support a column of water 34 feet high:

weight of air 14.7 psi x 2.31 ft/psi = 33.957 ft, or 34 ft

At an elevation of 1 mile above sea level, where the atmospheric pressure is 12 psi, the column of water would be only 28 feet high: 12 psi x 2.31 ft/psi [....]

Basic Pumping Calculations

Certain computations used for determining various pumping parameters are important to the water/wastewater operator. In this section, we use basic-pumping calculations relevant to the subject matter.
Important Point:
$The rate of flow produced by a pump is expressed as the volume of water pumped
during a given period.The mathematical problems most often encountered by water/wastewater [....]