Waste Water Treatment Process

Oxygen Transfer Rates of Various types Aeration Devices

Select correct oxygen transfer rate equipments for the aeration tank’s air requirement, so you can be saved air compressor energy effectively

Typical ratings,Ib O2 /hp-hr
Submerged aerators 4.0
  Porous diffusers 1.5
Surface aerators
  Plate 2.0-2.5
  Turbine 3.0-3.5
  Propeller 2.5-3.5
  Combination aerators 2-3 2-3

Except in cases of degasification, aeration requirement is a function of degree of oxygen deficiency [....]

Electrocoagulation Process is best for Color removal?

Advantages of Electrocoagulation process for color removal in water treatment plant, they are using Electro Chemical (Electrocoagulation) process to remove the Color, COD, BOD and electrical conductivity by 80-90% in COD/BOD aspect and 20-35 % in Electrical Conductivity side.

Physico-chemical treatment, Coagulation and flocculation are traditional methods for the treatment of polluted water. In these processes, coagulating agents such as [....]