How to Calculate Aeration Tank Volume?

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Now we see as an with small example!

Aeration tank:

Influent BOD: 250mg/l(after 30% reduction in the Physio-chemical treatment followed by primary clarifier

Process selected: Activated sludge process

Design Condition:

F/M (Food/Microbes) =0.15

MLSS (Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids)=3000 mg/l

Calculation of Aeration Tank Volume:

F/M: So (?-MLVSS)

F/M: Food to Microbes ratio in d-1

So: influent substrate concentration in mg/l

MLVSS: Mixed Liquor Volatile Suspended solids in mg/l =0.8 x MLSS

? – Hydraulic retention time =V/Q

Where V=Aeration tank volume in cu.m

Q=Effluent flow in cu.m per day

Hence, substituting these values,

0.15=250/(v/1400 x 0.8 x 3000)

V=972 KL, selected volume =1400 KL

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  1. I have just read your topic on aeration volume calculation today. It’s simple and very interesting to me but I would like to know where did you get the number 1400 in your formula or equation? 0.15= 250/(v/1400×0.8×3000). Thank you.

    1. Exactly, The information is valuable, Until, eventually the number 1400 was found unknown.

      Acc. to the formula I use to calc. the Volume is
      V= Q.BOD / (F/M).MLSS

      And my question is that how will be the volume of the MBBR based aeration can be calculated?

  2. 1400 is plant capacity I.e. You want to handle 1400 m3 per day. This can be as per your need.
    e.g. I am going to establish Etp plant of 900 m3 per day then Q= 900 m3/ day Accordingly Vaerationn will be less.

  3. Design an aeration tank for a flow of 790 m3/ hour with BOD of 200 mg/L an F/M ratio o f0.4 day-1 and SVI of 100 ml/gram. Air supply rate is 10 m3/ m2 of sewage /day. Assume W: L = 1:4.

  4. Dear sir,
    Thanks for the was realy very helpful
    But i Didnt understood the last equation..from where did u get v=972?
    Pls someone explain..

    1. V mean Volume of Aeration Tank in m3 (in capacity of m3 holding) and 1400 mean treatment qty to be treated /day

  5. Sir, my capacity tank has a capacity of 480 kld/per day so how much capacity will be the air blower?The tank has to be lane in the air grid.

  6. What is the basics of considering F/M ratio – 0.15, MLSS – 3000 mg/lit? How it was link with COD And BOD? Or Its Just assumptions.

    Please explain..!!

  7. 0.15=250/(v/1400 x 0.8 x 3000)

    V=972 KL, selected volume =1400 KL

    Please check calculation.

  8. After solving the equation We get V= 972KL, but selectedvolume is = 1400Kl
    But Why please explain

  9. Dear sir,

    We need to design aeration plz help,
    Flow rate = 167cum/hr
    Inlet BOD= 105 ppm
    MLSS = 9000ppm

    Please help for above

  10. How to calculate biomass circulation flow and it is related to ETP inlet flow or no?

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