How to Calculate Aeration Tank Volume?

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Now we see as an with small example!

Aeration tank:

Influent BOD: 250mg/l(after 30% reduction in the Physio-chemical treatment followed by primary clarifier     

Process selected: Activated sludge process

Design Condition:

F/M (Food/Microbes) =0.15

MLSS (Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids)=3000 mg/l

Calculation of Aeration Tank Volume:

F/M: So (?-MLVSS)

F/M: Food to Microbes ratio in d-1

So: influent substrate concentration in mg/l

MLVSS: Mixed Liquor Volatile Suspended solids in mg/l =0.8 x MLSS

? – Hydraulic retention time =V/Q

Where V=Aeration tank volume in cu.m

            Q=Effluent flow in cu.m per day

Hence, substituting these values,

0.15=250/(v/1400 x 0.8 x 3000)

V=972 KL, selected volume =1400 KL

Article by Sivanandan



  1. Jaime G. Nagac says:

    I have just read your topic on aeration volume calculation today. It’s simple and very interesting to me but I would like to know where did you get the number 1400 in your formula or equation? 0.15= 250/(v/1400×0.8×3000). Thank you.

    • Vidit Arya says:

      Exactly, The information is valuable, Until, eventually the number 1400 was found unknown.

      Acc. to the formula I use to calc. the Volume is
      V= Q.BOD / (F/M).MLSS

      And my question is that how will be the volume of the MBBR based aeration can be calculated?

  2. Dear Sir
    Every think OK.but I don’t know about the value of 1400. For which using that one

  3. r.vijaykumar says:

    hai sir
    i need differnt example on areartion tank design, can you give me .

  4. S.sankar says:

    Where did you get value 1400 in your formula and v express to what?

  5. 1400 is plant capacity I.e. You want to handle 1400 m3 per day. This can be as per your need.
    e.g. I am going to establish Etp plant of 900 m3 per day then Q= 900 m3/ day Accordingly Vaerationn will be less.

  6. SAQIB HAMID says:

    Design an aeration tank for a flow of 790 m3/ hour with BOD of 200 mg/L an F/M ratio o f0.4 day-1 and SVI of 100 ml/gram. Air supply rate is 10 m3/ m2 of sewage /day. Assume W: L = 1:4.

  7. mathankumar says:

    Explain the equation sir.

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