Maximum Reverse Osmosis Plant Recovery in Textile Effluent Plant

How much % of recovery is possible in textile Reverse Osmosis Plant?, Any environmental engineer try to get maximum Recovery from the RO plant, generally it is not easy in textile plant, As of my knowledge the following parameter / factors gives more threaten to us,

Usually, In First Stage of RO plant 65-70 %; second stage 50-55%; Third Stage 30-35% if you adopt a Forth stage then you can extract another 20-25%, so ultimately we can possible to recovery around 90%. I considered that figure itself all membranes could be new one, further it is possible to reducing its output if you are doing more cleaning cycles are made due to huge fouling.

The afore mentioned % extraction based after primary treatment on pH 6.5-7.0 and

Temperature: 30 Deg C

TDS around 5000ppm,

Total Hardness – 150 ppm

Turbidity- max1 NTU


TSS: Nil


Beware about Biological slim/ organic fouling, which will cause more damage in your membrane, if you fail to control it, the membrane’s permeate quality and quantity will suffered severally and has to be bought new membrane frequently or You have to spent more cost to remove that fouling using by any proprietary chemical.

Suppose If you want to stop your plant prolonged shutdown, dismantle all the membrane from the skid and immersed preservative solution, So, you can possible to prevent biological growth.

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