Install Online Dissolved Oxygen Meter / Analyzer In Biological Tank

If you have Biological tank of your Water Treatment stream, Install Online Dissolved Meter to the tank and Connect suitable Frequency Driver / Inverter for your Air Blower System.

Definitely, which will help to monitor and control the Excess Oxygen Develops.  Similarly it will adjust automatically when oxygen will sort fall below the set limit into the Biological Tank,

On account of this installation we can save considerable amount of Energy online DO Meter

moreover, overgrowth MLSS is always threaten to handle it, to control immediate shoot-up excess activated sludge, provide one nylon 120 mesh in the feed line of Biological Tank to remove contaminant waste, fiber and  fluffs then disposal it accordingly, it helps Bacteria’s  oxygen demand marginally.

Try To install Optical type DO Sensor (Pi USA brand), it is more stable, enhanced reliability and unrivaled low maintenance. than traditional electrochemical devices

Other Brands also available






Thermo Scientific for Bench and portable model

Install Online Dissolved Oxygen Meter / Analyzer In Biological Tank

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