Water Plant Calculation

Find Mass Balance of Your Settling Tanks

The simplest way to express the fundamental engineering principle of mass balance is to say,“Everything has to go somewhere.” More precisely, the law of conservation of mass
says that when chemical reactions take place, matter is neither created nor destroyed. This important concept allows us to track materials (that is, pollutants, microorganisms, chemicals, and other materials) from one place to [....]

Why Hypochlorite Consumption is higher than Chlorine?

In connection with previous post. let we see, why? hypochlorite consumption is always higher than that chlorine gas consumption.this is very simple calculation involves.

Generally the hypochlorite is hazardous than chlorine it is similar to strong bleach and available in two forms one is Dry HTH second as Liquid Sodium Hypochlorite.

In HTH forms the available chlorine normally about [....]

Sludge Drying Calculation in air drying

In water treatment plant, we need to be evaporated water or Reactivated sludge (MLSS) and Chemical sludge.In this case we should know the Heat energy calculation for Sludge drying.

It is help to analyze quondam of Heat Energy require to evaporate such a medium.

Ok, for example. we’ll take. A Sludge containing 80% water is to be dried at 100°C [....]

River and Stream Flow Measurement Formula

River and Stream Flow (Discharge) measurement is very important to provide the basic data required for river or stream water quality. The total discharge for a stream can be estimated by float method with wind
and other surface effects, by die study, or by actual subsection flow measurement, depending on cost,
time, man-power, local conditions and so on. The discharge [....]

Bench Study Adsorption Process | Design yourself

Adsorption Process Bench Study

The packed bed of adsorbent can be regenerated. If the organic material is volatile, the carbon bed may be regenerated by steaming. However, it is more conven-tional to remove the carbon and reprocess the material through a furnace.In large installations, the furnace is installed as part of the carbon installation; in smaller installations, the carbon may be discarded, or removed [....]