Waste Water Treatment

Speed-up Your Sludge Drying Process Using Solar Tunnel Dryer

The Solar Tunnel Dryer process is really helpful to you, which is enhance your conventional style Sludge drying process. further, it protects additional water top-up during rainy season.

Any Sewage Water Work throughout the world will produce sludge, a form of biomass growing in the basins. This biomass has to be evacuated and is, generally speaking, difficult to handle!

When [....]

Why Disinfection Process is Important in Water Treatment Plant?

What is Disinfection?Disinfection is a process to destroy disease-causing organisms, or pathogens. Disinfection of water can be done by boiling the water, ultraviolet radiation, and chemical inactivation of the pathogen.

In the water treatment processes, pathogens and other organisms can be partly physically eliminated through coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, and filtration, in addition to the natural die-off. After filtration, to [....]

Is Hypochlorite better than Chlorine Gas?

Yes, Hypochlorite better than Chlorine Gas, the Chlorine is a powerful oxidizer commonly used in water treatment for purification and disinfection, odor control, bulking control, and other applications.

Why hypochlorite is overcome with chlorine?

This is two main reason

First, In Safety point of view, the chlorine gas is the passage of stricter hazardous chemicals regulations under the Occupational Safety [....]

How to Select Poly Aluminium Chloride

Before to Select Poly Aluminium Chloride, we should understand the formula chain, in the the general formula (Aln(OH)mCl(3n-m))x and have a polymeric structure,totally soluble in water.

The length of the polymerised chain, molecular weight and number of ionic charges is determined by the degree of polymerisation. On hydrolysis, various mono- and polymeric [....]

Instead Alum Use Poly Aluminium Chloride Coagulant in Water Treatment

For water treatment applications,Now a Days number of alternative aluminium-based coagulants have been developed instead of Alum.


1. The Polyaluminium coagulants in general consume considerably less alkalinity than alum.

2. Compared to alum it works effective over a broader pH range,PACl works satisfactorily over a pH range of 5.0 to 8.0.

3. In water [....]

How Bacteria Grows on Biological Process?

In biological treatment, the organic or hydrocarbon food serves as an energy source to the bacteria.

Aerobic processes use oxygen, anoxic processes use oxygen nitrite and nitrate, and
anaerobic processes use sulfate or carbon dioxide as electron acceptors. In the process of metabolism,the nutrients in solution in the form of hydrocarbons, nitrogen, phosphorous and metallic micronutrients, through osmosis, catalyzed by [....]