Is Hypochlorite better than Chlorine Gas?

Yes, Hypochlorite better than Chlorine Gas, the Chlorine is a powerful oxidizer commonly used in water treatment for purification and disinfection, odor control, bulking control, and other applications.

Why hypochlorite is overcome with chlorine?

This is two main reason

First, In Safety point of view, the chlorine gas is the passage of stricter hazardous chemicals regulations under the Occupational Safety and Health wise. So many countries insisting to replace the hazardous chemical chlorine with non hazardous hypochlorite.

Now a days the huge waste water treatment plants are using Sodium Hypochlorite or Calcium Hypochlorite instead of chlorine.

Secondly, the potential liability involved with using deadly chlorine is also a factor involved in the decision to substitute it with a less toxic chemical substance.

This is one Biggest advantage of Chlorine gas as treatment either color removal or disinfection process in water treatment.

Due to 100% available chlorine is the gas, the rate of consumption is less comparative to hypochlorite ( available chlorine 10-15%,) so the operation cost also less while using chlorine.

In next post, we’ll see why the hypochlorite consumption is always higher than Chlorine.

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