Sources of Industrial and Municipal Stromwater

Sources of Industrial Stromwater.

Any solid or liquid material or chemical stored, leaked or spilled on the ground from an industrial
operation can be transported by stormwater to a recovery stream and become a pollutant. These
sources can be from any or all of the following:
• Outside process areas
• Inside process areas which discharge to the outside
• Roof drains
• Parking lots
• Roadways
• Loading/unloading areas
• Storage areas
• Wastewater treatment areas
• Soil runoff
• Spills
• Leaks
• Tank farms

Sources Municipal Stormwater:

Any material or chemical deposited on the ground in a municipality can likewise be transported to a
receiving stream as a pollutant. These include:
• Petroleum product spills and leaks
• Garbage and trash
• Soil runoff
• Surfacing underground sewage disposal systems
• Spills and leaks from material or chemical transport


Author: T.P.Sivanandan

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