How to Eliminate / Reduce Water Hammer in the piping System

Water Hammer or surge, It is big headache  to every Industry,Why and How it is happen? before that we should know What is this?

Any Liquid media /Water, which is passing into the pipe, all of sudden the flow restricts /Shut off of it by the valve across the flow, the back pressure will created due to return the media, [....]

Rejection Ratio of Various Solutes passing through Membrane

The DOW Membrane recently estimated the various solutes rejection ratio in their own production of membrane of FT30 Model

I think, probably most of the membrane’s rejection ratio has to be similar one and note that, solutes Molecular weight also they given, further they indicated clearly this is quick screen, particularly with changes in feed water concentration, pH and temperature [....]

Install Online Dissolved Oxygen Meter / Analyzer In Biological Tank

If you have Biological tank of your Water Treatment stream, Install Online Dissolved Meter to the tank and Connect suitable Frequency Driver / Inverter for your Air Blower System.

Definitely, which will help to monitor and control the Excess Oxygen Develops.  Similarly it will adjust automatically when oxygen will sort fall below the set limit into the Biological Tank,

On [....]

Most Important Factors of ETP Design | Selection

Are you going to construct new ETP for your existing industry or new industry, ensure this checklist, the following factors must be adhered while design the Efflent Treatment Plant

The Most Important Factors of ETP Design | Selection are

1. What national or international standards must you comply with?

2. What is your waste? What volume of effluent do you [....]

Maximum Reverse Osmosis Plant Recovery in Textile Effluent Plant

How much % of recovery is possible in textile Reverse Osmosis Plant?, Any environmental engineer try to get maximum Recovery from the RO plant, generally it is not easy in textile plant, As of my knowledge the following parameter / factors gives more threaten to us,

Usually, In First Stage of RO plant 65-70 %; second stage 50-55%; Third Stage [....]

List of Glass Fused to Steel | GFS Tank Manufacturer

In last post we saw about the Glass Fused to Steel tank application Area and advantages, Now you will find list of Glass Fused to Steel | GFS Tank Manufacturers around the world, out of these producers other might be, but the listed manufactures are prominent in the area since several decades

Select suitable supplier according to your application, capacity [....]