How to Handle the Vacuum Crystallizer

How to Handle Vacuum Crystallizer / Cooling Crystallizer, those are commission this plant, the following subjects to be checked, while operating the plant

After commission the Vacuum Crystallizer before going to start the system, Ensure the Steps / Checklist

1. Raise the vacuum first using by cooling tower after reaching around 100- 200 mmHg. Inject the steam into Primary Condenser [....]

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Rejection Ratio of Various Solutes passing through Membrane

The DOW Membrane recently estimated the various solutes rejection ratio in their own production of membrane of FT30 Model

I think, probably most of the membrane’s rejection ratio has to be similar one and note that, solutes Molecular weight also they given, further they indicated clearly this is quick screen, particularly with changes in feed water concentration, pH and temperature [....]

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Install Online Dissolved Oxygen Meter / Analyzer In Biological Tank

If you have Biological tank of your Water Treatment stream, Install Online Dissolved Meter to the tank and Connect suitable Frequency Driver / Inverter for your Air Blower System.

Definitely, which will help to monitor and control the Excess Oxygen Develops.  Similarly it will adjust automatically when oxygen will sort fall below the set limit into the Biological Tank,

On [....]

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