Try to use Glass Fused to Steel Tank for your ETP Application

Are you hearing Glass Fused to Steel (GFS) tank? Yes, many countries they are using for their application either it is Clear Water, Municipal or Effluent water storage application,

GFS is two material are fused together to improve its strength and flexibility of steel combined with the corrosion resistance of glass,which is applied both inner and outer surfaces further it is capable to achieve many years and trouble free operation also., This system has been proven over many decades on thousands of installations

since ever, we are constructing any tank using by either Random Rubble (RR), Reinforced concrete Cement (RCC) basis structure,

But, USA people, who are using GFS Tank more than 80 years,.the capacity of the tanks ranges are 15 to 50,000 M3

Ok, Let we see where it can be adopt this kind tank and advantages and disadvantages of Glass fused to Steel Tank, over RCC/RR missionary Tanks,

Area of the application.

Vegetable Oils/Dry Bulk Solids
Storm / Fire Water glass_fused_steel_tank
Potable Water
Filter Tanks
Municipal Sludge Storage
Municipal Sludge Treatment
Municipal Mesophylic Digester
Drinking Water
Municipal Backwash Effluent
Municipal Sludge Cake Storage
Underground / Partially Back Filled Rings
Municipal Sludge Storage
Municipal Sludge Treatment
Industrial Effluent and/or Aeration Process
Food Process Washings
Liquid Leachates
Municipal Mesophylic Digester
Thermophylic Digester
Thermophylic Digester
High Temperature Applications and Aggressive / Chemical Industrial Effluent

Advantages of GFS

  • Long life (generally mfr commits life around 30 years)
  • Low capital cost
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Rapid installation
  • Ease of transport to site
  • Flexibility to re-model, extend, dismantle and relocateDisadvantages of the Tank
  • Ensure to test Chlorine contact
  • Don’t Hit any foreign object suddenly the coating will damagedWho are in the Filed

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