Water Quality Standard

Natural & Artificial Treatment of Pollutants in Water

acacia-mearnsii plant

NATURAL TREATMENT OF POLLUTANTS IN WATER:Pollutants that can be oxidized by bacteria in the presence of free dissolved oxygen can be aerobically converted to CO2 and H2O. These pollutants, such as domestic sewage and many readily biodegradable industrial wastes, can be destroyed in accordance with the oxygen sag equations presented above, if oxygen is naturally reinjected into the water [....]

What is Chlorine Disinfection?


Chlorine deactivates microorganisms through several mechanisms that can destroy most biological contaminants, including: Chlorine Formula

  • Damaging the cell wall 
  • Altering the permeability of the cell (the ability to pass water in and out through the cell wall) • Altering the cell protoplasm
  • Inhibiting the enzyme activity of the cell so it is unable to use its food to produce energy


Things that can cause toxicity include many of the following:
     Metals: lead, antimony, copper, zinc, chromium, cadmium, nickel, manganese
(permanganate), sliver,
    Oxidizers: chlorine, chloramines, any of the group VII compounds in the
periodic table, permanganates, ozone, fluorine, iodine, peroxides, and
so on.
             All of these compounds are direct toxins, because they directly interfere
with the biological [....]