Natural plant Coagulants for Waste Water Treatment

acacia coagulants

Servyeco Group of Spain has newly developed Natural plant based Coagulants for waste water treatment, they took several test successfully using with different category plant’s waste water, they extracts the liquids from Acacia plant.

Is a natural cationic coagulant that is extracted from the bark of Acacia Negra (Acacia mearnsii) the product belongs to the family of the tannins

The advantages of natural plant coagulant Consumes no alkalinity of the medium to not undergo hydrolysis in solution, so that its effectiveness as a coagulant is always optimal.

Does not alter the pH of the system and has an effective range of 4.5 to 9.0.acacia-mearnsii plant

Protects against corrosion of metal parts, not increasing the conductivity.

They highlighted it would rapid flocculation and decantation and may greatly reduces the consumption of other flocculants.

See the image below the treated water quality after using natural plant coagulants

the jar-test has taken fruit,textile and dairy plant waste water.

acacia coagulants

Further they pointed, It’s a good coagulant capable of removing up to 99% of raw water turbidity when combined with sand bed filtration. It is also capable of reducing the content of heavy metals, phosphorus and fats from water.

Contact them directly, get the material and try it your plant, may be cost will be higher.

Drop your valuable comments here after see the performance.

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  1. thanks for sharing us your knowledge. we really need to have a good water purification system now that millions of people are dying from different diseases they acquired from drinking unfiltered water

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