Working Principle of

Falling Film Evaporator Principle

The falling film evaporator has two main configurations, which includes the horizontal and the vertical tube,The horizontal tube is the most common design used in the desalination industry.

The vertical tube falling film function describes are under

The liquid is introduced at the top part of the vertical tubes, where it form a falling film on the inside surface of [....]

Submerged Evaporator Principle

Evaporators are the heart of any evaporation desalination process;Evaporators include the following types:- Submerged tube ;- Falling film

moreover they are an essential element in several industrial applications that include chemical, petroleum, and food processes.

The evaporator configuration is based on creating a hot surface, where heating steam condenses on one side and vapor is formed on the other side.


Vacuum filtration | Nutsche Filter

The Vacuum filtration Nutsche filter is simply an industrial-scale equivalent of the laboratory Buchner funnel.

Nutsche filters consist of cylindrical or rectangular tanks divided into two compartments of roughly the same size, by a horizontal medium supported by a filter plate. Vacuum is applied to the lower compart­ment, into which the filtrate is collected. It is customary to use [....]

Working principle of Nephelometric Turbidity meter

Generally most of the Portable and Bench type Turbidimeter operates on the nephelometric principle of turbidity measurement.

Working Principle of Turbidity meter

The optical system (Ref Figure) includes a tungsten-filament lamp, a 90° detector to monitor scattered light and a transmitted light detector. The instrument’s microprocessor calculates the ratio of the signals from the 90° and transmitted light detectors. This ratio technique corrects for interferences [....]