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List of Organic Matter in Water, Nonspecific Tests

Organic Matter in Water, Nonspecific Tests




Biochemical oxygen demand. Measures the ability of common bacteria to digest organic matter, usually in a 5-day incubation at 2O

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Differentiate between settleable and floatable solids |Types of Solids

Types of Solids:

                      The most basic solids differentiation is between settleable and floatable solids. An additional important differentiation is between volatile and non-volatile solids. A chemical or biological solid can potentially be removed from a wastewater by conversion through biological or chemical activity or incineration if the solid is organic and volatile (burnable at around 550°C). A volatile [....]

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Relationship between BOD, COD, TOC and ThOD

For a completely biodegradable wastewater such as glucose, approximately ten percent of the original organics remain as non-biodegradable cellular residues after biological oxidation. Hence, the cellular residues are not measured by the BOD test. Therefore:

BODu = 0.9ThOD  —1

where BODu = ultimate BOD

            ThOD = theoretical oxygen demand For domestic sewage and some biodegradable industrial wastes, the relationship [....]

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What is Water Filtration?

Water filtration is a physical process of separating suspended and colloidal particles from waste by passing the water through a granular material. The process of filtration involves straining, settling, and adsorption. As floc passes into the filter, the spaces between the filter grains become clogged, reducing this opening and increasing removal. Some material is removed merely because it settles on [....]

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