Category: Water analysis

Determination of Residual Chlorine

In a neutral or slightly alkaline solution, Potassium Chromate can
indicate the end point of silver nitrate solution.Silver chloride is precipitated
Quantitatively before red silver chromate is formed.Estimation of chlorine by
this method is known as Argento metric Titration.
* Potassium Chromate solution
* Standard Silver Nitrate Titrant
* Standard sodium chloride solution
Procedure:a) sample Preparation
* [....]

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Calculation of Normality

Equivalent weight (EW) = Molecular weight (MW) / Valencey. (Z)

Normality (N) = Equivalent weight (EW) / Volume of Solution (1000 ml.)

Meq = Actual weight (W) / Equivalent weight (EW)

Example:Molecular wt of K2Cr2O7 is 294.148 gm

Valency = 6 (because of Cr -6)

EW = 294.148/6 = 49.025

N = 49.025/1000 [....]

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