List of Glass Fused to Steel | GFS Tank Manufacturer

In last post we saw about the Glass Fused to Steel tank application Area and advantages, Now you will find list of Glass Fused to Steel | GFS Tank Manufacturers around the world, out of these producers other might be, but the listed manufactures are prominent in the area since several decades

Select suitable supplier according to your application, capacity of the tank, regional sales services and check their warranty of the product.

1. VITKOVICE  — Czech Republic

2. GLS Tanks  — Germany

3. Irish Industrial Tanks  — Ireland

4. GATCO — Saudi Arabia

5. Goodwin Tank  — UK

6. Permastore  — UK

7. CST Aquastore  — USA

8. Unitedind  — USA

9. Eastern  — USA

10. Fusion (Permastore) — USA

11. Tank Connection — USA

12. USA Tank  — USA

13. Greatario — USA

14. Shearer Tanks  — USA


Image Credit: CST

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  1. we are looking for two water tanks of 500m3 for clean water and two diesel tanks of 270m3 , please give me your authorized suppliers in KSA to supply and install

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