List of Reverse Osmosis Membrane Manufactures

Still some end user, they are finding, How many membrane manufactures are available in the world? for their worries, We given the list of Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane Manufactures in the World

The given manufactures are making the membrane for Domestic, Industrial and Desalination plant application.

Select your Membrane manufactures below and get their home page,   

1. Dow Fimltec — USARO-Membrane-manufactures

2. Hydranautics — USA

3. TriSep — USA

4. Koch Membrane — USA

5. GE Membrane (Osmonics) — USA

6. CSM Membrane (Saehan) — South Korea

7. Permionics Membranes — India

8. Toray Industries — Japan

9. Hyflux — Singapore

10. Norit Membrane Now Pentair — Holland 

11. Inge — Germany 

Out of these manufactures others may be in the field, but the afore mentioned producers very  prominently in the field since few years ago.

Last 3 manufactures are doing Ultra Filtration Membrane.

13 throughts on "List of Reverse Osmosis Membrane Manufactures"

  1. Dear Sir
    I work in water and waste water company We are facing a problem which is how we can desalinate water from artesian wells temperature up to about 65 degrees Celsius hopefully help in getting a proposal for a solution.
    or get information about membrane technology if is there a type that can withstand the temperature of this wells

    Thank you

    1. Normally Any kind membrane’s Max Temp is only upto 40 Deg C, beyond the life of membrane gets damaged immediately. thanks your comment

  2. i am amit work at johnson & johnson company water system ROpant so hevy problam membrane chocking some time the same problam year to year so pleas help me

    1. You can contact me for the problem. I am workimg in tech based solutions from the past 5-6 years. I can help with that.
      Rohit Dhamal

  3. Sir..
    I m working in wtaer purifier compny, i m face one problem plz help me.if the tds is 2500 so what is the best filter memberan we use ,who reduse the tds till aprox 100

  4. I am working on project for special residential RO system , i need to customize specification and dimemension of a residential RO membrane to meet my project requirements.
    Do you know which membrane manufacturer could be flexible enough to help me in this ?

  5. Hello Sir,
    I am working on industrial waste water treatment plant specially in RO unit. Since, March, 2021 till up to day we are under suffering because of TDS increasing beyond the standard. how I can tackle this problem and operate at optimum. please in need your help.

    1. TDS and recovery are inversely praportional you have to adjust recovery accordingly with increased TDS.

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