Speed-up Your Sludge Drying Process Using Solar Tunnel Dryer

The Solar Tunnel Dryer process is really helpful to you, which is enhance your conventional style Sludge drying process. further, it protects additional water top-up during rainy season.

Any Sewage Water Work throughout the world will produce sludge, a form of biomass growing in the basins. This biomass has to be evacuated and is, generally speaking, difficult to handle!

When liquid it has a dry matter of 3 to 4 %, or only 30 to 40 kg per ton of sludge. When mechanically dehydrated to 20 – 25 % dry matter, most of it is still water, on average 750 to 800 kg per ton of filter cake.

This remaining water can only be extracted with thermal methods.

The system is very effective and using many more places, Generally 150-200 Micron poly propylene Sheet uses for this application to cover the sludge drying.

This is Semi circled System its look like tunnel shape see picture. fabricated with GI pipe


to enhance your drying process, an axial fan connect in the back side of the dryer or sufficient hood arrangement in center of sheet or more no depend upon the its length.

Humidity sensor may adopt into the system and controller the fan speed

The following factors adversely affects the performance of Drying.

1. Solar (Sun rays) Intensity

2. Humidity of the atmosphere

3. Surrounding Temperature

4. Wind Velocity

4. Sheet property

5. Surface area

6. Product Moisture.

the cost of tunnel dryer  for drying this process around INR : 120-150/Sq.ft

further you can dry under Chilly, Coconut, Cotton Waste, some Food items and vegetables too.,    

Really it helps your drying


Author: T.P.Sivanandan

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