Hardness Removal by Crystalactor Try Yourself

“The Crystalator Technology recently used in many places to removal of Hardness” says one of the evaporator supplier of our industry. Then I took that matter very seriously and interest to get the more info actively about the Crytalactor.  

I don’t about the technology, recently while discussing about to minimize the hardness level of our Forced evaporator, which is using to our plant to maintain ZLDs ( Zero Liquid Discharge System), that time he told this news.

But the Crystalactor technology assures very clearly that can be used to removal of your Hardness, (I think might work particularly Calcium Hardness) phosphate and Fluoride and Heavy metals too.,  

Ok,let we see How does Crystalactor works for Hardness Removal?


The Crystalactor installation called pellet reactor, partially filled with a suitable seed material such as sand or minerals.

The wastewater is pumped in an upward direction, maintaining the pellet bed in a fluidized state. In order to crystallize the target component on the pellet bed, a driving force is created by a reagent dosage and pH-adjustment. By selecting the appropriate process conditions, co-crystallization of impurities is minimized and high-purity crystals are obtained.

The pellets grow and move towards the reactor bottom. At regular intervals, a quantity of the largest fluidized pellets is discharged from the reactor and fresh seed material is added.

After atmospheric drying, readily handled and virtually water-free pellets are obtained.

>> Finally, I feel the recycled pellets water treating cost much more. Anyway practical user may give correct feedback about this technology.

Am I Correct!

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