Avoid most Expensive Chemical to Remove Inorganic Contamination?

Don’t spend more complicated and Expensive chemical to remove insoluble or inorganic chemical in Biological treatment process.

Why?, first the biological treatment theory used for

a) The destruction and conversion of organic chemical and biological pollutants.

b ) Inorganic chemicals cannot be destroyed by biological treatment, but they can potentially be converted in valence or oxidative state to compounds which meet permit levels. Biological Treatment

Likewise, inorganic pollutants can potentially be stripped from organic compounds biologically.

This biological treatment to 

a) convert soluble organic contamination to insoluble organic and inorganic constituents, and

b) convert soluble organic contamination to CO2 and H2O.


Any insoluble organic or inorganic contamination in an untreated wastewater stream can be easily and inexpensively removed by physical treatment, usually with settling or filtration.

Therefore, there is no need to use more complicated and expensive chemical or biological treatment to remove insoluble organics.

Likewise, insoluble inorganics can be less expensively removed by settling or filtration, and soluble inorganics can more efficiently be removed by chemical treatment.


Author: T.P.Sivanandan

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