Calculation of Total Dissolved Soilds(TDS)

Calculation of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) of given water sample.


Oven, desiccators, filter paper, pipettes.


* Heat clean dish for 1hour in an oven

* Store in desiccators and weigh immediately before use.

* Stir the sample and pipette a measured volume onto a glass fiber filter.

* Wash with three successive 10ml volumes of reagent grade water,Allow complete drainage between washings and continue suction for about 3 min after filtration.

* Collect the filtrate in the weighed dish and dry for atleast 1 hr in the oven at 1800C

* Cool in desiccators to balance temperature and weigh.

* Repeat cycle of drying, cooling, desiccating & weighing until a constant Weight is obtained.

Calculation: Total Dissolved Solids, mg /lit = (A-B) x1000 / Sample volume,ml


A = weight of dried residue + dish

B = weight of empty dish

Article by Sivanandan


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